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Breaking Pawlitics: "Impeach President" Bannboon to Silence the Drums of War!

Filmed outside the White House near the Andrew Jackson statue: Lee Carlena, fur-lance journalist, says:

Lee Carlena says:

Lee Carlena says:

Lee Carlena says:

Lee Carlena says:

The compleat guide to contacting pawliticians and links for current contact information are available on our This Is How We Resist page.

Additional News for This Week: The most effective action is probably contacting your representatives this week. There is a specific bill entitled, "House Bill 804: To amend the National Security Act of 1947 to protect the National Security Council from political interference, and for other purposes," introduced February 1, 2017, by Stephanie Murphy, Florida representative. Hat tip to 2thanks of Daily Kos for this! Ask your representatives to support this bill.


However, we have an irresistible opportunity for you:

The Trumps are at Mar-a-Lago right now, February 5, 2017, this weekend for a romantic getaway at the "Winter White House"!
There was a Yuge protest just outside Mar-a-Lago yesterday, February 4. If you would like to call to follow up and add your support to that protest, the phone number for Mar-a-Lago is 561-832-2600. It would be a "shame" if poor OranguTrump has no peace during his vacation after all the hard work he put in for the looonng Presidency of 2 weeks that he has endured thus far.

Here is a sample phone script you might use:

If you have time, consider telling them you have concerns, ask to speak with a manager so you dont make the low-level employees do all the work. Tell them this is about security, you might consider staying there but not if they might be a terrorist target, ask when he will divest and when they will change the name away from Trump for a lower profile. Or you might say that you have reservations, then explain that you're reluctant to stay at a terrorist target. Ha!

Then whoever you speak with there, ask them to pass along to Trump a message, such as (please feel free to modify as desired):

Who am I speaking with? Thank you, _______. Please pass along this message to Mr. Trump and tell him that we need him to open the White House phone lines so that we can urge him to fire Steve Bannon. Bannon is trying to take over as President and take over the National Security Council, for which he is grossly unqualified. He is a warmonger who is just going to get the President into trouble. Bannon also makes Trump look weak, like hes just a figurehead taking orders from the real power behind the throne."

I appreciate you passing that along. Please read the message back to me so I can make sure you were able to write it down accurately. Thank you for your time.

Please be polite! They're probably not happy working for the man either. The more professional you sound, the more likely they'll actually pass the message along.


We mentioned that petitions are the least effective option, but they are not worthless. Yes, on this topic: There is a petition! Just click the link to sign the MoveOn petition: Tell Congress: Stop Bannon's national security takeover.

Thank you for taking action!


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This Breaking Pawlitics cartoon is available at TeePublic if you would like to pick up a shirt, mug, or other items to help spread the word and support these efforts.

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Purr request, a closeup of our new character, Steve Bannboon:

Closeup of Steve Bannboon

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