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Breaking Pawlitics: This Is How We Resist

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The cartoons will highlight the breaking nooz and important events from the week that need to be protested. You choose how you think best to take action, from face to face meetings to signing petitions. All the contacts you need are here. We will keep this list updated as new information becomes available.

NOTICE: Friday, February 17, 2017, is National Strike Day. A general strike is planned against Trump, as well as a shopping boycott. Show them how much financial power we have. If you can take the day off work without losing your job, do it. Whether or not you can do that, take the day off from shopping. Put the fear of the purse into their mercenary little heads. This may be the easiest action yet: Inaction! I'll (not) be there.

Take Action: According to Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda, tackle one issue at a time. The more trouble it takes you to contact your politicians, the more they pay attention. So when you can manage the time and effort, put your body out there. Face-to-face or protest march > calling > faxing (if you can't get through on a regular phone) > writing letters (because they may arrive too late) > personal email > petition or group email.

But we are in this for the long haul, so pace yourselves. Do whatever level you can do. We will be here once a week with the latest.

To Meet with Your Congresscritters, they have regular town hall meetings. Please check the list and go if you can. Do not let them turn away from We the People. You may also want to bookmark this page, as it is updated regularly.

New Easy Resource Found: The AARP has an action site, Advocacy - Legislative Action Center - AARP. I know AARP isn't perfect, but it has a nifty feature for everyone: At their Web site, look down to the right, where it says, "Find your state legislators". Put in your zip code. It returns federal, state AND local politicians, NOT just legislators. Federal, for example, includes contact information for Trump, Pence, your two Senators, and your Congressional representative. It has telephone numbers, emails addresses, and clickable links to their Web pages, which should have up-to-date contact information including fax numbers, street addresses, appearance schedules, how to schedule appointments, and constituent services (we found all these for our Kentucky politicians). Please try it and let me know how it works for you.

To Write your Letter then Fax it for Free: FaxZero: Create and send faxes for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada (five free faxes per day - try saying that five times fast! - with special pages for Senators and representatives, although someone told me their rep's fax number was wrong; if it doesn't go through, check the AARP site above or go to the politician's Web page for retrieving another number). Also GotFreeFax - easier to use versus the main FaxZero page, but only two free faxes per day.


If you Want to Call Trump and the White House Line is Still Blocked: Call Trump properties! Until he divests, he is in touch with them. If you have time, consider telling them you have concerns, ask to speak to a manager so you don't make the low-level employees do all the work. Tell them this is about security, you might consider staying there but not if they might be a terrorist target, ask when he will divest and when they will change the name away from Trump for a lower profile.

Then whoever you speak with there, ask them to leave Trump a message, such as this sample phone script (please feel free to modify to state in your own words and/or for meetings or written communications):

"Who am I speaking with? Thank you, ________. Please pass along this message to Mr. Trump and tell him that we need him to re-open the White House phone lines so that we can urge him (not) to _______ (issue of the day) _________ (brief explanation of why he should see it your way).

I appreciate you passing that along. Please read the message back to me so I can make sure you were able to write it down accurately. Thank you for your time."

For this purpose, I prefer Mar-a-Lago: "The Crown Jewel of Palm Beach" (click for contact information), current phone number 561-832-2600; but you can choose any Trump property, just Google them. Or you can go to White House Inc and they will set you up with a random Trump property anywhere in the world. His properties cannot shut down their phone lines, they have to be able to take reservations. Every Trump property is getting called extremely frequently, so they may change their numbers. Please let us know if they do, especially if you ferret out the new number!

Remember No Matter what Staff you Contact: They probably are not happy about working for Reptublicans either. So please try not to direct your understandable anger and frustration at them, be polite but firm, try not to swear or otherwise get abusive. They probably are only there temporarily because they have not been able to find other jobs yet. Even if not, they listen better when you sound professional.


Each Week: The Breaking Pawlitics cartoon will post first at Daily Kos, then here later. Each will also post at the TeePublic elenacarlena store if you would like to pick up a shirt, mug, or other items with any cartoon in the series, to help spread the word and support these efforts. All cartoons will eventually be on shirts. If you don't see what you want, just ask!

For these or any other issues, comments, suggestions, or to hire me for your creative needs, please email me at our business address below. Please put "Elena Carlena" in the Subject line. Thank you!

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Copyright Elena Carlena. Created January 29, 2017. Uploaded February 2, 2017. All rights reserved.