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Welcome To The Quirky Comedy of Elena Carlena!

I am a comedian, cartoonist, commentator and musician.

This site will have blogs, music, vlogs, cartoons, chat, and anything else I can think to add that's entertaining.

Why do I look forward to mocking politics?

Many politicians do more funny things naturally than I can think of doing purposely --
Will Rogers

I mock fundamentalist religion similarly.

Mockery has a serious purpose: Calling out the hate and encouraging everyone to embrace diversity.

Punch Line of the Week

A misogynistic pastor in Lancaster, California, says that women who have sex before marriage "walk down the aisle like a filthy dishrag". My response:

I'm pretty sure young women never thought of being a dishrag as an option. If you were a dishrag, you'd have a hard time walking down the aisle. Do filthy dishrags grow feet?

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Also check out www.greedispiggy.com. We will have the cartoons and also the research behind the cartoons there.

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